Taylor Swift’s BFF Has Gone On A Huge Twitter Rant

The Taylor Swift versus Kim Kardashian West feud just seems to be getting more and more dramatic by the day.

Kim first waded into the tangled web that is Taylor and Kanye’s relationship in a bid to defend her husband.

In case you’ve missed out on what’s been going down, Kim Kardashian decided to release a video recording of a phone call between West and Swift, to ‘prove’ that there was a conversation before the release of Famous.


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If you cast your mind back, a line from the song, which references Taylor, caused quite the backlash when it was first heard. But Yeezy always maintained that he’d spoken to her about it beforehand.

Since the release of the footage, Tay Tay has spoken out about the line that she claims she still DIDN’T know about.


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Khloe Kardashian jumped to her sister’s defence, although this move has proven to be pretty controversial given the way she went about it.

Some of Taylor’s girl squad have spoken out too, coming up firmly on Swifty’s side. But now, the Shake It Off singer’s BFF, Abigail Anderson, has gone on one huge Twitter rant. And she’s brought KimYe’s daughter North into the equation.




In a series of tweets that have now been deleted, Abi reportedly wrote: ‘I pray God helps your daughter [North] understand, that despite how many times she’ll hear daddy reference women as “bitches”, she isn’t one…

‘I pray she understands her father actually IS faithful to her mother, despite the adulterous comments she will hear her father making’.

She continued, ‘Lastly, I pray for forgiveness. May God forgive you and your wife for doing the very things you pray are NEVER done to your daughter’.


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It didn’t take too long for the tweets to disappear – although not before they’d been screenshotted (because, it is 2016) – and Abi offered a reason for the tweet-and-delete.

Taylor’s best friend announced, ‘For the record, I usually delete my tweets once the death threats start rolling in…nothing more or less than that. #MovingOn’.

And so it continues…