Taylor Swift’s 4th Of July Instagram Post Is Confusing

Taylor Swift had one hell of a 4th of July celebration, that’s for sure.

After being spotted frolicking in the sea with a whole bunch of famous pals, as well as new man Tom Hiddleston (who was wearing an ‘I

Captioned ‘Happy 4th from us’, Swifty is seen in a navy sweatshirt as she cuddles up to the likes of Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, Rachel Platten, Este Haim, Halston Sage, Cara Delevingne, Ruby Rose and Harley Gusman, with fireworks exploding in the background.

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> Perhaps Tom was behind the camera?


Swifty is known for going all out with her Independence Day celebrations, but one thing’s a little odd about the photo – where’s Tom?

Earlier in the day, the Night Manager actor was well integrated with Tay and her BFFs, but he didn’t seem to make the cut when it came to her first Instragam post since the pair have been dating.

Yesterday, we reported that E News! had released a conspiracy theory about Tom and Tay, which claimed that actually, she’s using his acting skills to film her new music video. Ooh…

> Some fans are convinced Tom is simply an actor in Taylor’s new music video…


And his absence from Instagram would kind of support this – if he’s simply hired to play a role, he wouldn’t be granted a place on Swifty’s personal Insta, now would he?

Fans have also pointed out that she’s due to release a single next month…

But hey. That’s the cynics talking. Perhaps Tom was the one behind the camera, or he’d simply scarpered to another party after a day with his lady’s pals..

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> Earlier in the day, Taylor was seen splashing around with new man Tom