Did You Spot This Major Mistake On Tattoo Fixers?

Well, viewers certainly did.

Tattoo Fixers is a show known for its seriously talented tattoo artists who spend their time covering up the nation’s embarrassing and downright weird inking disasters.

And this week wasn’t any different. Despite being filmed in the sunny Mediterranean for their spin-off series ‘Tattoo Fixers On Holiday’, talented tattoo artists Alice Perrin, Jay Hutton and Sketch, went about their usual business of creating masterpieces.

But it wasn’t the trio’s incredible artwork that caught the eye of E4 viewers this week, instead it was an unfortunate mistake made by show favourite, Alice.

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Customer Kat arrived in the studio after regretfully getting an inking following the breakdown of her marriage which read “YOGDO” or “you only get divorced once”.

After sketching out a beautiful design to cover the tattoo, which included a floral design with a pocket watch and teacup, Alice got to work bringing the drawing to life – and Kat seemed pretty chuffed with the results.

But some seriously eagle eyed viewers pointed out a teeny tiny mistake – Alice had accidentally given the pocket watch two of the roman numerals for 11 (XI) and missed out the roman numeral 9 (IX).

One viewer wrote: “@E4TattooFixers anyone else noticed there are 2 elevens? One should be a nine.”

Whilst another said: “Anyone spot the error on the Roman numerals on that pocket watch? 9 and 11 are the same! #TattooFixers #oops,”

Despite the mishap, we still think the tattoo looked pretty amazing and Alice is one seriously talented artist.