Tanya Burr’s Big Announcement Is Very Important

Tanya Burr has done something pretty amazing.

The 26-year-old vlogger took to her website earlier this week to announce that she’s launching the #TimeForGirls campaign, which aims to battle gender inequality.

Tanya – who’s married to fellow YouTuber Jim Chapman – has been part of a movement called Global Goals for quite a while now.

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In case you’re not aware, the Global Goals are 17 aims agreed upon by 193 world leaders to put a stop to poverty, fight inequality and end climate change.

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It was launched by the UN in September 2015 and has the backing of celebrities including Beyonce Knowles, John Legend and Emma Thompson.

But it was one of these goals in particular that hit a nerve with Tanya.

> Tanya Burr is married to fellow YouTuber Jim Chapman


In a passionate blog post entitled Time For Girls, she explained to fans: ‘The topic I began to grow more and more interested was Goal 5 of the Global Goals, Gender Equality.

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‘As I have grown up, I’ve been able to be my own boss, run my own business and have found a place for myself in lots of traditionally male workspaces.

‘It’s easy to think that because of stories like mine that we don’t need to worry about Gender Equality in the same way that previous generations have.



‘But the truth is that in so many countries and in so many ways, women are still repressed and put down by systems and beliefs.

’31 million girls are still not enrolled in primary school, every day 39,000 girls are forced into marriage and women make up only 22% of parliament seats and 8% of the world’s executives.’

She continued: ‘Time for Girls is about girls and boys, women and men, coming together to make our world more equal, more inclusive and as a result better in every way.

‘I wanted to create a place on the internet where we could raise awareness and take action for a variety of issues related to Gender Equality.



‘The first thing I’d love us to do is for each of us to take one action today towards Gender Equality.’

If you want to take part, all you have to do is visit this website and choose one of the actions on offer. Then, take a photo with ‘Goal 5’ written on your hand and upload it with the hashtag #TimeForGirls.

Bravo, Tanya.