People Were Upset Watching Tanya Burr On This Morning

It’s safe to say that Tanya Burr’s fans were very excited to see her on This Morning today.

The 27-year-old appeared on the ITV show to promote her new book Tanya Bakes – and to whip up one of her delish-looking recipes for hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

She’d let her followers know in advance, Tweeting: ‘I’m going to be on @itvthismorning at 11:30am! Be sure to tune in to see me baking. Please use hashtag #TanyaBurrTM.’

Tanya Burr cooked one of her cakes for Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield


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After that, people were all set to tune in. Responses included: ‘Can’t wait! I’m so excited to see what you’re gonna bake!’ and: ‘You’ll do amazing Tanya. We love youuuu.’

But once Tanya had stepped onto the screen, some of these viewers ended up feeling a little less pleased.


Why’s this? Well, the programme had referred to Tanya as ‘Zoella and Alfie Deyes’ best friend’, despite the fact that she’s one of the country’s most successful vloggers in her own right. Hmmm.

As we all know, Zoella and Alfie – who are in a long-term relationship – are also hugely popular YouTubers. But the trio actually all became famous at around the same time.

One of Tanya’s followers wrote: ‘”Zoella and Alfie’s best friend” urm she’s more than that? #TanyaBurrTM,’ while another said: ‘That really annoyed me she’s not only zoella’s best friend #TanyaBurrTM.’

Tanya Burr is close friends with Zoella and Alfie Deyes


A particularly incensed watcher vented: ‘How annoyed would you be if you’ve worked your arse off for success to be introduced as ‘Zoella’s best friend’ on tv #TanyaBurrTM.’

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Eep. Luckily, Tanya didn’t seem too fazed by the introduction.

Holly WIlloughby *definitely* looked impressed with Tanya Burr’s baking


She later Tweeted: ‘Thank you @hollywills & @Schofe for being so lovely – it was a joy to bake with you guys! #TanyaBurrTM.’

The Norfolk-born star also re-Tweeted an Instagram snap that Holly, 35, had posted of herself holding a selection of Tan’s cakes.

We wouldn’t mind if you sent some of them over to the LOOK office, lady…