Tanya Burr Proves She *Doesn’t* Photoshop Her Pictures

Right. So Tanya Burr definitely DOESN’T edit her photos, guys.

After the 26-year-old vlogger was accused of Photoshopping her body over the weekend, she took to Snapchat yesterday to shut the speculation down.

Now, we have to admit, it was down to us that Tan ended up doing this. She referenced this article in her story, in which we’d reported the claims.

> Tanya Burr took to Snapchat to dispute the Photoshopping claims


In a series of videos, Tanya said: ‘The article is basically people commenting on my photos saying that I edit my photos and Photoshop myself to look smaller, which I don’t do in any way shape or form.

‘LOOK magazine were quoting these people and drawing attention to it, which is annoying, (sorry, lady!) but at the same time they were saying: “But she Snapchats her body and you can’t edit Snapchats.”‘

In the piece, we also pointed out that we’re all partial to a flattering filter or good lighting, so it was more than likely that Tanya had just been taking advantage of that.

> Tanya Burr is currently soaking up the sun in Miami


We mean, she is an internet pro, after all!

Tanya agreed with us here, saying: ‘Basically, paparazzi shots are always going to be the most unflattering because they’re photographing you in direct sunlight, you don’t know you’re being photographed, and so it’s not going to be nice.

‘Whereas when I Instagram a photo of myself of course I’m going to be standing in the most flattering position and I’m ready for the photo, so of course I’m going to look better, but I don’t edit them.’

> Tanya Burr Snapchatted herself in a bikini


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Tanya then decided it was time to stop the rumours for good. She explained: ‘So I am now going to get Kate here to Snapchat me in my bikini so you can see unedited what I look like, and I don’t edit my photos.’

After that, we saw Tanya – who’s currently sunning herself in Miami – looking simply ah-mazing in cute patterned bottoms and a black bikini top.

> Tanya Burr finished off her story with this beautiful shot


She proudly exclaimed: ‘Guys this is me unedited, video footage of me in a bikini, can’t be edited. So haters, take your negativity elsewhere.’

So there you have it. NO Photoshopping. Let’s all move on now, eh?