Why People Are Questioning Tanya Burr’s Instagrams

Tanya Burr always looks amazing, right?

But unfortunately for the 26-year-old vlogger, she’s been accused of Photoshopping her pictures. Hmmm.

Tanya is currently in Miami, where she’s (natch) been soaking up the sun by chilling on the beach and hanging out by the pool.

> We’re not at all jealous of Tanya Burr’s trip… *ahem*


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Since jetting over the pond, she’s shared a number of Instagram posts and Snapchats of herself. And it’s safe to say, we’re insanely jealous.

But after a series of photos of Tanya emerged on the MailOnline over the weekend, fans started questioning the shots on Tanya’s social media pages.

> Tanya Burr has been sharing plenty of snaps from across the pond


These images showed her cooling off in the sea in a nautical-inspired striped bikini, before she covered up in an off-the-shoulder denim dress.

She looked happy and relaxed, and completely stunning.

However, when she took to Instagram to upload a snap of herself in the same frock, followers posted some sceptical comments.

> It was this photo that got Tanya Burr’s fans talking


One wrote: ‘Tanya your 26 and should set a good example for young girls – photoshop is not the way. love yourself [sic].’

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Another said: ‘I’m a fan of you Tanya but it’s obvious you photoshop your body. Please don’t do this. It’s so misleading to make yourself so much smaller when really your body looks good as it is.’



Now, we’d like to point out that Tanya’s never spoken about Photoshopping. And you can’t even edit your pictures on Snapchat (unless you want to be transformed into a dog or an alien, anyway).

Let’s be honest, we’re all partial to a flattering filter or good lighting. So perhaps Tanya’s just been taking advantage of that? We mean, she is an internet pro.



Whatever the case, we hope she realises just how beautiful she is.