Jim Chapman On How He And Tanya Burr Stay Private

There’s no denying that Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr are one of YouTube’s golden couples.

The pair have been together since their teen years, and share the majority of their private life with their devoted viewers. We mean, it’s their job, right?

But there was one occasion that they weren’t so happy about having splashed across all forms of social media – their wedding day.

> Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr got hitched at Somerset’s Babington House


Jim, 28, and 26-year-old Tanya married in a romantic ceremony at Somerset’s Babington House last September.

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They’d invited a host of famous faces, including fellow vloggers Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Niomi Smart, Marcus Butler, Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee.

> Tanya Burr was joined by fellow YouTubers including Zoella (L) and Niomi Smart on her big day


But despite this, only a few photos of their special day made their way online. Why’s this? Well, they’d included a ‘no social media’ clause on the invitations.

As Jim explains to The Guardian: ‘We wanted it to be a day when we didn’t have to do any work.’

However, there are also (understandably) other times when he and Tanya fancy a bit of privacy.

> Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr have been together since their pre-YouTube days


Luckily, over the past few years they’ve worked out the best ways to avoid attention. Jim says they know which areas are ‘safe’, such as central London.

He explains: ‘It’s very much a working culture, a lot of people have their heads down.’

> Jim Chapman is one of YouTube’s most famous faces


They also know where they may in danger of being overwhelmed by fans. He admits that they now find it difficult to go out during the weekend in their home city of Norwich.

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But it doesn’t sound as though Jim has any regrets. He says: ‘If you watch my first videos, you can see that I was really shy, literally zero social skills.



‘Now, I’m talking to Harrison Ford on the red carpet. All this… via the internet.’

Pretty crazy when you think of it like that, eh?!