13 Struggles Only Really Tall Girls Will Understand

1. Finding a date is EVEN harder

We’ve got all the same problems as you smaller-sized folk, but the added issue of trying to find someone we can comfortably stand next to in heels. 



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2. Ankle grazers are our go-to cut

And not by choice. 

Good thing they became stylish, huh? 


3. Shopping partners constantly ask us to reach for things on the top shelf

Those shelves with the folded jeans? Bane of our lives… 

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4. Clumsiness is part of the territory

Don’t mind us. 


5. Being constantly asked if we model 

Sure, it’s flattering. But after the 104th time? 


There’s more to modelling than being tall, you know. Don’t you watch ANTM?

6. Two words: camel toe

Jumpsuits and all-in-ones are just not for us long-legged folk. 


7. We’ve bumped our heads more times than we can count

And we’re immune to it now. 

8. We have to wear shorts under everything that’s above the knee

And don’t even talk to us about shirt dresses.


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9. There’s no such thing as blending in

We stick out like a sore thumb in most social situations. 

Group photos are the WORST. 

10. ‘You’re so tall’ becomes the icebreaker

Because apparently ‘hello’ isn’t appropriate these days. 

11. We hate the maxi dress trend 

Yeah. Right. 


12. Relaxing in a bath? 

Not with these limbs. 

13. Hugs become very booby. 

This has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

But mostly it’s just awkward.