Take Your Career To The Next Level With The Army

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Want to learn new skills and take your career to the next level? Looking to do something that matters and make your family proud?

If so, it’s time to start considering the Army in your plans. Because, there’s more to it than just being on the front line.

In fact, there are over 200 different roles from logistics to engineering. Every one combines an excellent starting salary, inclusive apprenticeships and travel opportunities. An Army lifestyle could put you on track for an exciting and bright future.

With all that in mind, we sent our Commercial Manager, Stephanie Dawson, 26, to spend the day with the Royal Horse Artillery– who perform ceremonial duties in London – to find out what an Army life can offer a twenty-something – a lot, it turns out.

“I was apprehensive when I arrived at the Woolwich camp at 8am,” says Stephanie. “I realised how disciplined you really need to be – but within minutes, I was already chatting away to the female sergeants and their respect for each other and their job was very obvious. It was something I admired.”

“Everyone really pitched in to help me muck out the parade horses, which was lovely, especially as I took considerably longer than the two minutes they usually complete the task in.” says Stephanie. “But the female soldiers explained that working as a team is so important.”

Teamwork and respect are at the heart of Army life. Each successive rank brings extra responsibilities, respect and an increase in pay.

“The ladies I spoke to told me that they love the hard work and promotion structure as much as the perks,” says Stephanie. “Recruits can expect 38 days of paid holiday, excellent maternity pay and a chance to travel the world which seems incredible compared to my current office job.“

For Sergeant Emma Colton, who introduced Stephanie to the ceremonial uniforms they wear for parade days, the appeal of the Army is down to the wealth of benefits and opportunities provided which equip soldiers with valuable and transferable skills for life.

“I was 16 and saw these soldiers that lived outside all the time,” she says. “I knew that I would be never suited to a 9-5 ‘civvy’ job and in the future, I really want to travel more. I realized the Army was the perfect fit.”

And well as providing the opportunity for travel, the Army will invest in its own- offering apprenticeships, degrees and qualifications you can use to further yourself within the army or the ‘civvy’ world.

“All the women I met were so enthused by the idea of progressing” says Stephanie. “Some planned to use the degrees they had earned to move into big business jobs after the army while Sgt Colton revealed that everything she had learned so far had actually made her decide to stay in the Army longer.

The message was loud and clear – work hard in the Army and you can choose your future.”

How Army Life Can Boost Your Future

Learn new skills. Every year around 75 per cent of new soldiers take part in an apprenticeship, learning skills for the rest of their working lives.

Get paid to study. If you want to become a nurse or a fitness instructor, the Army will pay for or subsidise your training.

Become a pro. There’s loads of opportunity to become a qualified professional such as a skiing instructor, football referee or diving instructor.

Get financially savvy. With six weeks annual leave and with officers starting on a salary of over £30k, the Army means you can clearly plan ahead financially.

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