Take Me Out Is Set To Make A HUGE Change To The Format

"No likey, no lighty..."

It feels like Take Me Out has been around FOREVER.

A Saturday night television staple (and one of our guilty pleasures), the ITV dating show’s tongue-in-cheek approach to setting up some of Britain’s singles – along with host Paddy McGuinness’s added comedy value – has proved to be a winning formula.

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But we’re always here for a little shake-up, particularly when that shake-up comes in the form of balancing things out a little between the genders.

If you’ve watched an episode of the show before, you’ll know that there’s always a line-up of sassy single ladies waiting for that one man to come on down and select his woman. But not before they’ve had a chance to judge them in a series of rounds…

‘No likey, no lighty…’

But it looks as though these gender roles are set to change, BIG TIME, as the 10th series will make a return with what’s been dubbed as a special ‘gender swap’ episode.

Thirty male contestants (all hand-picked from a previous series, and presumably unlucky in their previous date choices) will take a spot behind a famous pillar – complete with their own light – and, this time, one lady will make her entrance down the Love Lift.

The special will also include an Over-50s category, broadening the search for love even further.

Speaking about the two specials, Paddy has said: ‘I’m so excited to be celebrating ten series of Take Me Out.

‘I always look forward to seeing romance blossom amongst a new line-up of ladies and gents, including the over-50s!

‘I’m also going to be catching up with the couples who got together after meeting on the show. Bring it on, let the tenth see the series!’

Here’s hoping that the new format proves such a success that it will become a regular feature on the show.

Take Me Out series 10 will return with the two specials in 2018 on ITV.