What Being One Of The Take Me Out Girls Is *Really* Like

Ever wondered what it’s like to be on Take Me Out?

Well, wonder no more. Because one of the girls has opened up about her experience on the show – and it’s really quite enlightening.

Remember Lotte Williams? She was the pretty redhead who ended up jetting to the Isle of Fernandos with bearded Ben.

Picture: Lotte Williams



She’s revealed all to ASOS, admitting that she only applied as joke and never really expected to become a contestant. Lolz.

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She says: ‘I may have been a tad hungover at the time (so sue me) but it was all fun and games.

Picture: ITV


‘That was until six months later, when I got a phone call asking me to go in for an audition: the hilarious joke between me and my flatmate had turned into a reality.’

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Let’s be honest, what we really want to know here is what went on in the studio. Surely it’s blimmin’ difficult to walk down those stairs in sky-high heels at the start of every episode?!

Lotte Williams headed to Fernandos with spiky-haired Ben. Picture: ITV


Turns out, it is. Lotte continues: ‘Yes, they are really steep and yes, remembering to walk, wave and smile all at the same time is actually really hard.

‘TBH, every single time I heard Paddy say ‘BRING ON THE GIRLS’, I almost passed out on the spot.’

But overall, Lotte enjoyed her experience.

Lotte Williams had a lot of fun in the mystery location. Picture: Lotte Williams


‘Girls’ corridor (as it’s known) was just as I’d expected, full-on mayhem 90% of the time but also so much fun. The getting-ready process lasted ALL DAY until rehearsal at 4pm, which gave us two hours before the live audience arrived for any touch-ups or outfit changes,’ she says.

‘It’ll probably come as no surprise that hair and make-up is on an industrial scale, and it takes a whole lot to get us all camera-ready: a whopping 126 pairs of false lashes, 18 bottles of body make-up (my legs have never looked so good), 10,000 hair grips and 60 large cans of hairspray were used this season.

‘My lungs were suffering, but it was worth every last spray.

Paddy McGuinness hosts Take Me Out


‘Then for the main event – the filming! Which, aside from the nerves and the one-liners (no, they’re not scripted), is easily the best part of the experience.’

And that mysterious holiday destination? Lotte teases: ‘I’m not allowed to tell you what the plane’s actual destination was, but I can tell you that it was super sunny and hot.’

Ooh. Anyone else a teeny bit tempted to apply?!