Take A Tour Of The Titanic II

What would you do if you were billionaire? We imagine we’d spend our dollar on extravagant exotic holidays and Blake Lively-esque shoedrobes. However it appears not everyone is so similar in their thinking.

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has chosen to spend his crazy fortune on building a replica of the Titanic ship. Yes, really.

Palmer and his company, Blue Star Line are currently building a vessel that will look virtually identical to the original ship and have called it – you guessed it – Titanic II.

Titanic 11 The original ship

The liner is an eerie copy of the doomed ship which sank killing 1500 people, a story we all know too well thanks to the iconic 90s film.

We’re not quite sure why someone would want to recreate such a tragic piece of history, but we can reassure you that Titanic 11 has been altered in size to comply with current regulations – and F.Y.I there will be enough lifeboats…

And they’re not going to tempt fate by sailing the ship over the Atlantic. Titanic II’s first voyage has been planned from Jiangsu, China to Dubai.

Wondering what the replica ship will look like? Well, we’ve got the photos. Not the real ones as the ship is yet to be completed but some computerised reimagining’s of what it will look like.

The replica ship will be 270 metres long, 53 metres high and weigh 40,000 tonnes. It will have nine floors and 840 cabins to accommodate 2,400 passengers and 900 crewmembers.

Titanic 11 Titanic 11 in all its glory…

The liner will have two swimming pools…

Titanic 11 The indoor pool

…Turkish baths and multiple gyms.

Titanic 11 No ship should be without a turkish baths, obvs

Much like the original ship you will be able to purchase first, second or third class tickets. 

Titanic 11 The third class dining hall

We’d certainly be opting for the first class option…

Titanic 11 The first class bedroom…

They’ve even have recreated the first class dining experience a.k.a Cafe Parisien…

Titanic 11 Authentic french dining…

And the replica even includes the grand staircase that Titanic film fans will clearly remember…

Titanic 11 No detail was spared

Would you board the Titanic II, let us know in the comments.

By Elizabeth Bennett