It’s Time… Let’s Take A Look Around The Love Island Villa

It looks pretty amazing

For the last two years, the Love Island villa has kept to its original form. However, this year the team decided that it was time to give it a new look. Let’s walk you through the updated pad…

The Entrance

With first impressions being so important, it wouldn’t be right to have a bog standard entrance. And the first impression is definitely that it’s modern – and very big.

The villa is very welcoming…

The Living Room

When you enter the villa, there’s a relaxing living area just waiting to be sat in. With artwork and colourful cushions, what could be better?

The Love Island living room…

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The Main Bedroom

Obviously, our Islanders have to sleep. And this year, the beds are lined up next to each other.

If you were an avid viewer in 2015 and 2016, you’ll know that the girls and guys couple up in the beginning. And you sleep with your other half, even on the first night. For this reason, the beds are doubles.

The Love Island bedroom…

The Hideaway

When the main bedroom just isn’t enough and things start to get a bit steamy with the couples, they can come to The Hideaway.

The room really does make you feel like you’ve been transported into paradise. And this year they’ve added a balcony with an area for cute little dates.

The Love Island Hideaway is back…

The Beach Hut

For when things aren’t going great, there’s the beach hut. This is where the contestants can come and have a bit of a gossip and unload their feelings to the confession cam.

The beach hut is back for more confessions…

The Bathroom

As you can see here, the bathroom is definitely big enough for the whole cast. And it’s very Instagrammable.

This year they’ve made it marble and white, with just a hint of colour here and there.

The Love Island Bathroom…

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The Garden

Finally, the garden! This has to be the best part of the villa, and we already know that the Islanders will be spending more time outside than in.

Firstly, we have a large circular seating area for relaxing (and also to await those dreaded re-couplings).

The re-coupling seating area…


The patio area…

And as if two bedrooms wasn’t enough, they had to have a bed outside. Just in case it gets too hot in the villa.

The outside bed…

Next to the outdoor patio there’s a jacuzzi for the girls and guys. All they’ll need now is a glass of champagne.

The hot tub…

And finally… the pool. This year the Love Island team decided to make it bigger than ever. JEAL.

The Love Island pool…

By Lois Pia North