T4 Cancelled By Channel 4!

Start saying goodbye to T4, as Channel 4 has announced that they’re axing the brand!

It will stay on the air until December, before being replaced by a new music-driven format following 14 years on TV.

T4 has been a huge part of many of our favourite TV presenters’ careers, including those of Simon Amstell, Dermot O’Leary, Alexa Chung, Nick Grimshaw, Jameela Jamil, Rick Edwards, June Sarpong, and Miquita Oliver.

We’re going to miss our yearly visits to T4 On The Beach, and some of the presenters have been reminiscing too. Here’s what Dermot tweeted:

“Just read T4 is finishing. Sad news, but dead proud to start my career there and made some great friends. Will miss it.”

T4’s been going since 1998(!), and we’re pretty sure that weekend mornings won’t ever be the same! BS