Susanna Reid Tweets About THAT Awkward Dress Insult On GMB

After Kate Garraway appears to slate co-host Susanna's Vesper frock, Susanna speaks out on Twitter...

If there’s one rule we know, it’s that when you’re asked to describe another woman’s dress, you DON’T liken it to your son’s ‘messy play session’. You know?

Yet that’s exactly what went down on Good Morning Britain today when Kate Garraway gave a less-than-complimentary description of fellow host Susanna Reid’s outfit.

Susanna, who’s known for her chic wardrobe, turned out in a pink and black patterned Vesper frock to present the show and we thought she looked pretty amazing TBH.

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kate garraway

Susanna looked less than impressed with Kate’s description of her dress…

But when Ben Shepherd, who was sandwiched between the two women, commented on the womens’ bright dresses and asked Kate how exactly she would describe Susanna’s frock, Kate replied with: ‘It looks a bit like when my son has a messy play session… Do you know what I mean, with paint?’

*Cue extremely awkward silence*.

Susanna definitely didn’t look too impressed as she failed to raise a smile and instead looked pointedly straight ahead at the camera, whilst Kate attempted to back-pedal by then likening her own dress to a zebra crossing.

Holding her hands out to showcase her black and white striped number, Kate laughed: ‘And I’m just indicating safe crossing of a road’.


Thankfully, it seems that Susanna has since found humour in the whole thing, as she later tweeted a photo of her in her dress and wrote: ‘The dress that caused the fuss #MessyPlay’.

And when someone referred to her as looking ‘mortified’ by Kate’s comment, Susanna quipped back by tweeting: ‘You must have been watching a different programme – I thought @kategarraway’s description was spot-on 😂.’

Phew! No bad feelings here, then.