Over A Third Of Brits Suffer With Body Confidence Issues

So this is really, really upsetting. 

According to a YouGov survey, over a third of British people would describe themselves as ‘not happy’ with their own bodies. 

The study spanned 25 different countries, but the Brits didn’t fair too well on the confidence scale. 

The stats show that 37% of the Brits surveyed would tick the box that said they were either not very happy or not happy at all with their body image and weight.

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In contrast to that, 59% said they were happy – which is a great amount, but it’s still sad to think that one third of the population are suffering with a lack of body confidence.


And it gets a little more worrying. Women are, according the survey, much more likely to be unhappy with their bodies than men.

Over four in ten women describe themselves as having body hang-ups, compared to 33% of men saying the same.

Of the people surveyed, three quarters believe that comparing themselves to celebrities is the reason behind their negative view of their bodies. 


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Indonesians (78%) and residents from Saudi Arabia (72%) are amongst the happiest with their body image overall, and countries in the Middle East and Asia Pacific believe that celebrities have a positive influence on body confidence.



We think it’s time to stop comparing yourself to others. Embrace your body, love your body and stop the shaming. 

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Apparently, it’s what the over 60s are doing, as almost seven in ten (68%) from the 60+ bracket describe themselves as happy with their body.

We need this to trickle down, right ladies?

By Laura Jane Turner