Sunday’s Love Island; Parents, Clowns And Adam’s Batman Pants

They’ve done the dirty on telly, had a baby and now it’s time to meet the parents! The Love Island finalists were surprised with a visitation from their loved ones on tonight’s episode. The result: lots of tears, laughter and nerves!

Kady was the first to get a visit with her mum and granddad both making an entrance into the villa. The 20-year-old was visibly moved, crying with happiness at the sight of her “best friend” mum. Both her granddad and mum approve of Scott saying they are “so similar” and that they have both met their match! Kady’s mum cried when Scott asked her daughter to be his girlfriend with towels. We *think* they were tears of joy….

> Cara chats to her mum and dad about Nathan


Scott’s mum said she had seen a “nicer side” to her son, making the Mancunian grin like the Cheshire cat. His aunty got a bit distracted during the chat, revealing she thinks tattooed Alex is a “god” and Kady found out she is welcome at Scott’s house for lamb chops and gravy “anytime”.

> Nathan’s mum told Cara she “deserves a medal” for putting up with him!


Another relative quite taken with Brummie Alex was Olivia’s NAN who cheekily told him she was single! Liv’s mum also loved Alex and the feeling was mutual. Al told the diary room he thought Olivia’s mum is a “sort” and “if Olivia looks like that when we’re older I’ll be a happy man.” Oo-er!

> Olivia’s nan gets hands on with Alex


One of the sweetest moments of the episode happened when Adam told his mum and sister he had finally made some friends! Aah, bless him.

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There was a bit of drama when Katie’s brother and BFF arrived. The pair told Katie all about the Sophie’s tweet and said she was to steer clear! Katie later admitted her brother is very protective. Look out Soph!

Nathan’s mum was typically funny telling her son, “I haven’t missed you Nath, I’ve had 6 weeks of peace!” She also said his granddad is not happy about Nathan’s smoking… Naughty Nathan!

> Adam gets some action! Sort of


It was also Cara’s birthday and boyfriend Nathan/the show’s producers cleverly arranged a circus-themed party for the bendy babe. Much to Kady’s dismay. The poor girl is terrified of clowns and starts crying when Nathan, with full-face of paint, blows a trumpet in her direction!

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When a text pops up at the end of the night, the islanders decide to let Adam and Katie have the final night in the Hideaway. The only way to describe Adam’s reaction to this is… terrified. Luckily he has the lads around him to give him some advice. “If you last 2 seconds, it’s not gonna matter, Adam…”

> It’s not what it looks like. Honestly


Adam and Katie hit the Hideaway. She strips off to reveal a sexy little two-piece and him… a pair of Batman boxer shorts. After a sexy/funny massage the couple start snogging. Could this *finally* be the moment we see Adam go wild? Nope. To avoid missing out on his dream of making it big in the WWE, Adam abstained and made sure Katie slept on the other side of the bed. Wow.

While Adam was snoring in the sexiest room in the villa, the other couples all enjoyed mass sex upstairs in the bedroom. Standard behaviour, really.