Sunday Brunch Guest Licks Fingers After Handling Raw Chicken: Disgusted Twitter Fans React

Sunday Brunch guest David Gower obviously isn't too fussed about contracting salmonella

Oh no, this isn’t good. If you’re just about to eat your al desko lunch you might want to look away right now, as the following info might have you dry-heaving into your falafel wrap. Sorry guys.

Fans of beloved weekend food show Sunday Brunch suffered collective Twitter outrage yesterday after guest, former cricketer and Sky Sports presenter David Gower, licked his fingers after handling raw chicken. Yes, that’s right, RAW chicken. Err, can’t that kind of health and safety-flouting tomfoolery land you with a nasty case of food poisoning, David?!

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The mistake happened during a segment where the 59-year-old presenter was marinating raw chicken fillets, immersing the plump meat in a beetroot and goats cheese bath. But instead of doing the done thing post-chicken fondle — Sunday Brunch stand-in co-host Johnny Vegas in fact prompted John to wash his hands after the blunder happened — David Gower popped his juicy fingers straight into his mouth. Hashtag, gross.

John Gower Raw Chicken

Now in fairness, we appreciate that it could have been a simple reactionary mistake however, eagle-eyed viewers were quick to notice this bonkers lapse in hygiene standards, and wasted no time venting their disgust via Twitter.

‘My Sunday morning has been ruined by the man on Sunday Brunch who just handled raw chicken then licked his fingers,’ Emily posted via Twitter. Another user tweeted:

‘Feel ill now after witnessing David Gower lick his raw chicken fingers 🤢😷 #SundayBrunch #traumatised’

Oh dear.

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In fact, Johnny Vegas pre-empted this social media meltdown by telling David Gower post-meat finger lickin:

‘People out there just do not like you messing with raw chicken…. without washing your hands.’

But still, the tweets kept coming…

We find it kind of hilarious that the absolute rage has overtaken any genuine concern people may have actually had for the poor chap’s health. The ‘raw chicken fingers’ response was so mighty that David Gower actually took to Twitter a couple hours later to address the nation (with a shameless profo plug whacked in for good measure..)

Oh well, we hope that David Gower hasn’t suffered anything too explosive in the 24 hours since. Let that be a lesson to you all!