Summer TV To Get Obsessed Over

Orange Is The New Black, True Detective, Extant… Summer TV 2015 style is seriously hot – like hotter than outside hot, and that’s saying something as there’s a heatwave on the way. And whether it’s obsessing over Orange Is The New Black’s Ruby Rose or counting down the days to Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp (seriously the star line up in that show is i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e) there are plenty of reasons to shun outside and get your tan from the bottle instead. If you’re not keen to give up a sunny beer garden or picnic in the park, then make sure you series link these babies, as they’re what everyone is going to be talking about…


On Netflix now

We were counting down the days to series three of the women’s prison drama. And it doesn’t disappoint. It’s the only show on TV that can has us sobbing one minute, laughing the next while also, let’s face it, being totally turned on (have you seen how hot new character Stella, played by Ruby Rose is?!) A must watch, if only so as not to feel completely left out on Twitter.

> True Detective Season Two is one of our picks of the summer



Sky Atlantic, Mondays

Series One left us absolutely jaw dropped for months. And this second series, with a whole new stellar A-list cast is no different. Starring acting legends Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn expect the same intensity, phenomenal acting and seriously creepy undertone. And if you’ve not caught up on season one it’s all on Sky catch up now…


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> Halle Berry in Extant – our new fave show




On Amazon Prime from July 2nd

So Season One saw Halle Berry’s character Molly find out she’s pregnant – despite having been in isolation in space(cue: dum dum duuum music) and in Season Two she’s got to readjust to life back on earth. We won’t say more in case you’ve not seen season one, but trust us, this is one you do not want to miss.

> Wet Hot American Summer has the best A-List cast



Netflix, 31st July

Way back in 2001 Wet Hot American Summer was the cult film that the cool kids watched. A parody of US summer camp movies of the 70s it starred Paul Rudd alongside Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler and Elizabeth Banks. And now it’s back! And we’re letting you in on the secret. Or at least Netflix are who have granted a film prequel series and brought all the old cast back along for the ride, along with plenty of other huge names like Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm. Name drop that you can’t wait for this one into any convo for instant cool points.

> UnREAL the new TV show that is so funny



Lifetime, 7th July

Know those moments when you just need cheesy TV viewing? Step in UnREAL. The mockumentary is based around reality show Everlasting where the star, sleazy Brit Adam, troubled producer Rachel and a collection of desperate for a date women get emotionally manipulated by Quinn, the evil showrunner. If, like us, you watch waaaaay too much reality TV then there are so many moments you’ll recognise from your faves…


Fox, 12th July

Brit-babe Hayley Atwell reprises her starring role from Captain America in her own TV series airing on FOX UK.  Watch as Peggy Carter kicks ass, battling 40s America sexism and the Soviets, all while looking fabulous!

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