Suki Waterhouse Talks Fashion, Love And Weddings…

Suki Waterhouse – top model, girlfriend of Bradley Cooper and Superga’s new SS14 ambassador – talks to LOOK about her style evolution, how she’d love to be a mum and admits she’d say yes if a certain someone were to propose…

What’s your ideal date night?

I don’t really like going out for dinner. It’s way better to not have to wait for food… It’s quite boring. I don’t cook anything though, I just transfer it from the fridge into bowls. I’m more of a transferer than a cook.

When it comes to relationships, how do you know when you’re in love?

You don’t look for anything else. You’re just calm and your eyes don’t look around.

Is a big white wedding something you dream about?

I can see that happening to me but I don’t dream of big white weddings. If I were asked, I’d say yes [laughs cheekily].

Do you want to be a mum in the future?

For sure. I’m the eldest of four – I love my family so much. I’m crazy about them. I love the idea of four [kids] or just one. Some people find it so easy to pop them out.

What do you love about getting all glammed up for the red carpet?

I love the transformation from looking like a sea urchin to looking beautiful [laughs].

How would you describe your style?

I think it changes constantly with what I buy and new things I have. I went through a phase about a month ago of dressing like a ’90s art teacher, kind of Drew Barrymore.

What phase are you in now?

I got loads of leather trousers from Burberry so I’m quite into biker chic with flats. I’ve got Jimmy Choo flats and a thick Mulberry sheepskin jacket. I also just got some wicked new Christopher Kane stuff. I’m quite
into crop tops at the moment too.

You’ve just been announced as Superga’s spring/summer ambassador. Are you a trainers girl or do you love heels?

Trainers. You can wear them with anything.

What are your hot picks from the range?

I’ve got quite a few pairs now. My favourites are red with white dots on.

Your style is copied around the world. Do you feel pressure to dress a certain way?

Well, there’s my presentable self and my normal self. I’m the laziest person – that’s my normal self. When I’m hanging around my house, I literally look like a tramp. I love being comfortable and having no make-up on. As soon as I get into my house I put on sweats and pyjamas. I love fashion and that’s where my presentable self comes in. But I need help – if I didn’t have a hair stylist and make-up artist, I’d look like sh*t!’

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