So *This* Is What The Girls From Sugar Rush Look Like Now…

It was our FAVOURITE show in the noughties. So let's see what Sugar and Kim are up to now...

Oh, Sugar Rush.

We admit it. We were totally sucked into the lives of Kim Daniels and Sugar – yup, way before Skins came along, we watched as wild child Sugar corrupted her best friend by leading her into a world of partying.

Naughty naughty.


The show aired on Channel 4, and followed Kim, who identified as a lesbian, as she came to terms with her love – and self-proclaimed obsession – for her heterosexual best friend.

It’s been over ten years since the first series of the show hit our screens, and we’ve done a little dig to find out what both leading ladies are up to now.

They feel like old friends, after all.

Kim Daniels 

The main character was taken on by actress Olivia Hallinan. You may also recognise her as Ellie from  Girls in Love, a show based on the popular book series by Jacqueline Wilson.

Yes, we LOVED that too.

There you are SUMMER! ☀️☀️?

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She’s 31-years-old now, and is still working as an actress.

And we also want to know what her skincare routine is, because she still looks exactly the same.

Lenora Crichlow

Before taking on the role of Sugar, Lenora had starred alongside Billie Piper in the television film Bella and the Boys. 

NBC Universal Vanity Fair Party, Los Angeles, America - 16 Sep 2014

Just like Olivia, Lenora has continued her journey in acting, and has also appeared in The Bill, Doctor Who and Black Mirror. 

Now, excuse us while we go and watch the entire series of Sugar Rush AGAIN…