Why Strictly Come Dancing Fans Were Angry At Tameka Empson’s Elimination

Some Strictly viewers blasted the show for being 'unfair' after Tameka competed in the dance-off with an injury a week after Anastacia refused due to hers...

Last night’s Strictly Come Dancing elimination proved pretty controversial, when EastEnders’ Tameka Empson was the second celeb to be voted off.

Tameka found herself in the dance-off with Laura Whitmore, and despite an injury to her back, Tameka gave it her best shot, knee brace firmly strapped on.

‘My back injury ain’t gonna hurt me this time, I’m gonna hurt it!’, the actress told host Tess Daly.

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Tameka appeared to make a dig at Anastacia by revealing her injury after being kicked off…

However, she still found herself booted off the show, and following he axing, Tameka said: ‘I did have injuries today but I didn’t really want to focus on that but it was always going to be tough in the whole competition but I’m really gutted that I’m leaving today.’

‘I’ve got a back injury now and I really went with the pain.’


Anastacia and Brendan Cole didn’t take part in the first dance-off

Many viewers watching thought that Tameka might have been making a subtle dig at Anastacia, who just a week previous, refused to compete in the dance-off when she found herself in the bottom two, but still kept her place in the show.

At the time, Anastacia was deemed unfit to dance due to one of her mastectomy scars ‘ripping’ during training.

But some Strictly fans were left fuming that Tameka had been made to dance.

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‘@bbcstrictly How come Anastacia cudnt do dance off with her injury BUT @Tameka_Empson could with a strapped up knee #strictly I am FUMING’, one tweeted.

‘@bbcstrictly what an absolute joke…@Tameka_Empson should still be in, not Anastacia! Proved you can dance through the pain #Strictly’, slammed another.

‘Why did Tameka have to compete in the dance off with her injury & Anastasia didn’t? Hmm rules for one & rules for another. Unfair #strictly’, tweeted one person.

However, some were angry at Tameka for seemingly making a dig at fellow competitor, Anastacia, and said that their injuries couldn’t be compared.

‘Sadly, #Strictly left nasty taste in mouth tonight; Tameka’s dig at Anastacia was disgusting. No comparison in their situations. #badloser’, one wrote.

‘Everyone supporting Tameka having a dig at Anastacia should take note having a bad knee is not the same as having had a mastectomy #Strictly’, tweeted another.

A source from Strictly has told the MailOnline: ‘Every injury or strain experienced whilst participating in the show is of course completely unique.

‘Tameka wore a knee brace and was deemed able to dance in the dance off this week, as was the other celebrity in the dance off, Laura who had sustained a number of bruises and knocks in training.’