Strictly’s Susan Calman Hits Back At Homophobic Troll In The Best Way

The comedian knew exactly how to shut up the haters...

Comedian Susan Calman is one of the celebs in the glittering line up for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

At the launch on Monday (28 August) Susan showed off her ballroom makeover and gave the audience a taste of her moves in a stunning purple dress.

And she looked simply GORGEOUS.

The star took to Twitter the next day to praise Strictly for allowing her to explore a look that is totally the opposite from her usual: ‘Both of these pictures are of me. I can be both a kick ass time travelling lesbian and a bombshell in a dress. That’s the joy of Strictly.’

But while the comedian was quickly flooded with compliments, unfortunately there were a few trolls who responded negatively.

However, the witty contestant wasn’t having ANY of it, and quickly put the bullies in their place.

When one cruelly tweeted Susan: ‘You look like a b***h in both,’ she was unbothered, replying: ‘Unfortunately for you, I take that as a compliment.’

She then went on to explain: ‘When a man calls me a b***h, or someone is homophobic I reply. Because this lesbian b***h ain’t standing for it.’

Yes, Susan!

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And even when a homophobic troll hit out at the Scottish comedian, absurdly blaming her sexuality for all world ‘disasters’, Susan humoured the troll with a hilarious response.

‘Mate. I’ve been watching Game of Thrones. Do you know how much commitment that takes? I don’t have time to destroy humanity,’ she joked.

HA! Take that, haters.

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We clearly weren’t the only ones who wanted to give Susan a high-five for her brilliant response, as fans quickly began praising the star: ‘Despite the destruction and havoc you bring I’m still voting for you on Strictly,’ and: ‘Not to mention that if you destroy humanity, you’ll never see how GOT ends. Not very sensible now is it? [sic].’

Others simply slammed the cruel tweets, raging: ‘I’m still shocked that some people are still so stupid, small minded and bigoted. Wow!’ and: ‘Can people not find something’s better to do with their time, like boil their own heads?’

Even author J.K. Rowling joined in, praising Susan for hitting back: ‘When a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it, without claiming it, she stands up for all women,’ she quoted, before replying: ‘Stay fabulous, my dancing queen x.’

It looks like Susan not only has an army of fans in her corner, but also the astonishing brain behind Harry Potter… Not bad, eh?

And she’s definitely got us, too!

By Emily Jefferies