Which Strictly Star Says They’re Being ‘Excluded’ By Their Fellow Celebrities?

Ed Balls has complained of being left out by the younger Strictly Come Dancing competitors...

Strictly Come Dancing might look like all fun and laughs on stage, but behind-the-scenes, it sounds like there might be a bit of a divide between Ed Balls and the other contestants.

Sad face.

We’ve loved watching the politician weave his way across the dancefloor – somewhat hilariously – over the past few weeks. So what he says about the other celebrities ‘excluding’ him is a little heartbreaking.

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Speaking about being left out by the younger dancers, the 49-year-old Ed said: ‘You don’t finish until 11 o’clock at night, and luckily there’s a tent with a bar so you can finally chill out.

‘The difference is that contestants my age then go home and go to bed, and the young celebrities go down to Camden or Central London and, I think, go through to the morning. Really sadly, they’ve not invited me.’

Oh, Ed!

The Strictly star continued: ‘There’s this awkward moment about midnight and people sort of slip out and I sort of stand there and nobody really says goodbye because they all want to leave without people noticing. It’s really tragic.’

He added: ‘I wouldn’t mind doing it once. I’m going to talk to them. Stop excluding me!’

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A Strictly osource also told Mail Online: ‘There is jealousy. What makes it tricky is that [Ed] is not very good at reading people, so he will make a joke and be laughing away, and he doesn’t pick up that other people aren’t finding him hilarious.’

Aw. We hope someone invites him to have a drink soon. Come on guys, it’s only a competition!