Strictly’s Brendan Cole Addresses Rumours He And Anastacia Aren’t Getting On

The Strictly Come Dancing professional has set the record straight, confirming that yes, he and Anastacia DO argue every now and then...

When it comes to the Strictly Come Dancing celebrity/professional partnerships, you really never do know what you’re going to get.

Some end in love, some end in a spot at the final, and some end in war. And one couple form this year’s series who have been plagued with rumours that they’re just not gelling are Anastacia and Brendan Cole.

It all started when Anastacia tore one of her mastectomy scars, leaving the couple unable to compete in the dance-off two weeks ago.

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At the time, it was said that Brendan looked peeved with his partner backstage, and then, just a week later, rumours surfaced of the pair’s constant ‘bickering’ behind-the-scenes.

However, Brendan has decided to clear up the whispers once and for all – and yes, they HAVE been arguing, he says.

‘We’ve definitely had some conversations, I won’t lie about that, the dance pro wrote in his Digital Spy blog. ‘I think we’re both two very strong-minded individuals in a process, but we get along very, very well.

brendan cole

Brendan was seen clutching his chest after his own lung infection on Saturday’s show…

‘You always have discussions about how you want to do it’, he continued. ‘Anastacia’s a very strong-minded woman – she wants to do things a certain way. And I’m a pretty strong-minded fellow!’

However, Brendan insists that it’s all been blown out of proportion, and at the end of the day, Anastacia understands that he’s the teacher, and she the pupil.

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brendan anastacia

Anastacia and Brendan Cole reportedly aren’t getting on backstage…

‘It’s ultimately my decision as to what we do, so we just have discussions about things, which is what has been misconstrued and then turned into something that’s completely wrong. It’s very disappointing.’

Phew! We’re glad to hear it’s been nothing but a bit of friendly disagreement going down in that rehearsal room. We think they look great together.