Almost Half Of Us Didn’t Get The Skills We Need At Uni

What did you learn from your university degree? And we mean your actual degree – how to get through a 9am lecture on a killer hangover doesn’t count.

A quick straw poll of the LOOK office showed that, for many of us, the answer is “very little.” And we’re not alone, a recent study has revealed that 41% of people don’t believe their degree provided them with the right skills for their career.

Showing that although uni was really, really fun – for most of us it wasn’t that useful when it comes to equipping us for the job of our dreams.

But what would we do if we could rewind time and do it all over again? Well, the same study – carried out by the Open University – showed that 46% of us would consider returning to university to pursue their dream degree. We also reckon that all our life experience would have helped us make a better decision.

Yep, we suppose, looking back making a decision about the rest of our life on what we were kind of OK at in school probably wasn’t the best choice.

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And what about celebs? Did their degrees offer them any skills for their new lives? We dug up what they studied… and believe us, they’ll surprise you…


Chris Martin: Ancient World Studies

Chris actually met all of his future Coldplay bandmates in Uni Hall in 1996 so we guess it wasn’t totally wasted then…


Kourtney Kardashian: Theatre Arts

This one probably has come in handy, Kourtney graduated from the University of Arizona with the degree.


Eva Longoria: Kinesiology

This degree is meant to prepare you for a variety of careers, such as coaching, P.E or athletic training but we wonder how much it taught her about being a Desperate Housewife?


Lisa Kudrow: Biology

We guess it made filming the “thumb in a can” episode of Friends a little easier?


Mayim Bialik: Neuroscience

Now here’s one degree that actually did come in handy! As Mayim went on to play mega genius Amy in The Big Bang Theory.