Straight Outta Love Island Viewers Slam Olivia Attwood After Last Night’s Episode

Oops. Liv got herself in trouble with ITV2 viewers, again...

Last night saw the long awaited return of Love Island‘s favourite couple, Kem Cetinay and Chris Hughes.

This also meant we were treated to a TV return of the boys’ other halves, Amber Davies and Olivia Attwood.

But viewers were not happy with one of the Love Island ladies…

During the episode – which follows Chris and Kem and their dream to become rap artists – Liv wasn’t happy after she found out Kem told his girlfriend Amber a big secret… But Chris hadn’t told her.

At a dinner with the four reality TV stars, Chris announced: ‘We’ve got something a little bit exciting to tell you… We’ve got a meeting tomorrow with a record company.’

To which Amber responded: ‘Kem’s already told me, he told me yesterday.’

Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies

And Olivia clearly wasn’t happy that she had been left in the dark, replying: ‘Oh thanks, Chris. We’re not as close, obviously.’


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Talking to the camera separately, Chris defended himself: ‘The thing is right, me and Kem had an agreement, we were just going to tell the girls all together.’

And when Olivia quizzed her boyfriend and his bestie: ‘You [Kem] told Amber you’ve got a meeting with Sony and you [Chris] didn’t tell me?!’ a frustrated Chris hit back: ‘Because we weren’t supposed to tell you!’

‘It’s sly. It doesn’t matter, carry on,’ a clearly irritated Liv said. ‘That’s f**ked me off, Chris. Carry on.’

And it seemed that the majority of viewers were #TeamChris on this one…

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‘Olivia is such a b***h still!!! #straightouttaloveisland’ one tweeted, while another agreed: ‘Feel like Olivia just shut down Chris 24/7. Run away Chris u can do 72976x better #straightouttaloveisland’

‘Cannot stand Olivia! Chris can do 1000000000% better #straightouttaloveisland,’ slammed a third, and a fourth wrote: ‘Nahhhh Olivia is still annoying me, needs to lighten up and just be happy for Chris #straightouttaloveisland #ChrisAndKem’

Despite the bickering, Olivia and Chris do seem super loved up right now and we are SO happy about it.

Chris And Kem: Straight Outta Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.