The *Unbelievable* Story Behind This Tom Hanks Photobomb

Tom Hanks is an actor that makes pretty much every movie he’s cast in better. Turner and Hooch would just be a terrible movie about a detective and a dog without Tom Hanks. Now it’s a mediocre movie about a detective and a dog! Tom Hanks makes everything better, fact.

That goes doubly for milestone events. Funerals, christenings and birthdays would all be better with the authentic charisma of Tom Hanks. This was proven truer than we know as a jogging Tom ran into a wedding party in Central Park.

Check out the video below.

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When Tom Hanks photobombs your wedding photos… then we interrupt your honeymoon to talk about it ? ? ? Thank you Elisabeth and Ryan! (Stick your ? on and enjoy)

Elizabeth and Ryan were having their wedding photos taken when an immediately friendly Tom Hanks jogs past and joins in on the festivities. What’s so heartwarming is to see someone as renowned as Tom Hanks using his celebrity for the powers of good.

Snapping selfies for his own Instagram, Hanks was courteous and excited to be a part of this couples special day!

As you can see from the video, Hanks was even invited to the wedding reception. He had to pass on account of other dinner plans but we get the feeling that if he was free, Hanks would have actually gone!

He also joked that he’s an ordained minister so if “the guy cancels, let me know”. This is actually true, by the way. The actor studied and was ordained as a minister for Girls star Allison William’s wedding! Cute!