GBBO Viewers Have A Lot Of Feelings About Steven Carter-Bailey

The contestant has won Star Baker two weeks in a row. But it's sparked a mixed reaction online...

This series of  The Great British Bake Off has definitely been a talking point, what with that move over to Channel  4 and the new line-up of judges and presenters.

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But it’s fair to say that the contestants themselves have been garnering their fair share of attention too, with one in particular already being branded ‘the one to beat’ – despite the fact that we’ve only seen two episodes so far.

Setting the standard pretty high from the get-go, Bake Off introduced their toughest first week show-stopper EVER when they asked their bakers to pull off an illusion cake.

Steven Carter-Bailey got both the judges and the viewers at home talking when he whipped up a sweet treat that looked suspiciously like a BLT sandwich.

Sadly we didn’t get to sample it, but we’re pretty sure that it would have been a bit confusing for the taste buds.

And for taste-testers Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood, it was epic enough to earn Star Baker status.


He's been stacking up Star Baker awards like we stack up jaffa cakes for our mid-afternoon tea break. Congratulations, Steven! #GBBO

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What’s more, Steven wowed a second week in a row and was crowned once again in this week’s episode.


Unfortunately though, the people of the internet seemed determined to find fault – and it appears that ‘fix’ claims have been circulating.

A few eagle-eyed viewers have found Steven’s Instagram account, pointing out that he’s been making some pretty epic cakes at home for quite a while.

Happy Fr-eye day! I hope your Bank Holiday is one in a minion. #GBBO

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Whilst it’s hardly a surprise that a GBBO contestant would have some experience in baking before deciding to apply for such a famous culinary competition, a few seem to believe that the photos are some sort of proof of a conspiracy.

Hmm. We’re not convinced.

Found this one as well Zoe! Happy belated birthday xxx . . . #spongecakesquaretin #homebaker #creativecakes

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‘Sorry but Steven is a professional baker. Why is he on #GBBO when it’s an amateur baking competition,’ one tweet read.

Working as a Marketing Manager, it seems as though most of his cake creations were made as gifts for his friends and family.

And when you’re that talented at your hobby, why wouldn’t you show it off?!

I've been gardening 😁 . . . #Spongecakesquaretin #homebaker #creativecakes

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Others seem to be sharing messages of support, with reactions including: ‘Some people complaining about Steven on #GBBO ? He’s good at baking so goes on baking show. But now he’s “too good”?? [sic]’ and ‘Why are people giving Steven sh** for being an incredible baker?Just because he shines brighter doesn’t mean he’s any less deserving?? [sic]’.

‘If Steven doesn’t win this year, it’s a fix mate,’ another added.

Most are loving his time on the show though, with tweets including: ‘Absolutely loving @BritishBakeOff – board game biscuits And Steven #GBBO’ and ‘Just caught up on #GBBO and have that warm, fuzzy bake off feeling. Either that or something to do with an hour watching Steven… [sic]’.

Keep it up!