Steven Avery’s Sons Have A Lot To Say About MaM

Steven Avery’s sons have finally broken their silence. 

The subject of hit Netflix documentary Making A Murderer is serving a life sentence for the murder of 25-year-old Teresa Halbach, but his family are still showing him support from the outside. 

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One of his twin sons, Bill Avery, says that he doesn’t think that his father is guilty of the crime.


In an interview with Crime Watch Daily, Bill was asked if he believed that his dad had committed the murder, and he replied simply, ‘No, I don’t think he did’.

Looking eerily similar to early images of Steven Avery shown at the start of the true crime series, Bill continued, ‘I just see him as a complete stranger. I know that he’s my father, but I grew up without a father for so long that it just kind of feels like I don’t have (one).’


Twin brother Steven Jr. doesn’t seem so convinced of his father’s innocence. He told the interviewer, ‘I have no idea. I mean, only one person can answer that and that is Teresa. But she can’t answer it no more.’

But the younger Steven seems sure of one thing: ‘Only thing I know is that the entire case was very shady. Like, it’s clear that there was corruption.’

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He continued, ‘I think him and Brendan deserve a fair trial… If they’re guilty, let them sit. But if they’re free, get them out. It’s been ten years now.’ 

Making A Murderer follows the story of Steven Avery, his nephew Brendan Dassey, and the tragic case of Teresea Halbach. After a dramatic and lengthy crime, Steven and Brendan were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. This all took place in Manitowoc County, which is a small community in Wisconsin.

Growing up with the Avery name, particularly with such a spotlight on the family, was difficult for the young twins. 

Steven Jr. explained, ‘To be discriminated against because of my last name is… it’s awful’.