The 20 Best Making A Murderer Memes

If you didn’t get totally obsessed with Making A Murderer over Christmas, then you had a much more productive break than we did. After getting totally engulfed by the ten-part documentary series and spending hours reading about the aftermath, we’re now spending our lunch breaks sifting through the many, many Making A Murderer memes that are sweeping the internet.

From the internet falling head over heels for Dean Strang to the best of the Manitowoc hairdos, here are some of our fave memes, and make sure to follow @MakingAMurdererMemes for even more!

1. Derek Zoolander’s version of the series.

2. If you didn’t fall in love with defence lawyer, Dean Strang, then you were the only one.

3. Yeah

4. Binge watching the documentary over Christmas really should have put our January blues into perspective shouldn’t it?

5. Has anyone checked though?

6. What a helpful chap…


8. Monopoly the Manitowoc way.

9. OK who else got excited when Britney made an appearance?

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10. After a 10 hour TV binge… 

11. Two of our favourite men.

12. In hindsight, probs shouldn’t have framed it should you?

13. Steven’s luck with the ladies didn’t make everyone feel good.

14. Poor Obama, he should have watched in one go like the rest of us.

15. We really haven’t got over this twist yet.

16. Was this the best of the Making A Murderer hairdos?

17. SAME!

18. Uh oh.

Making A Murderer. 

19. All the tears.

20. Elle Woods eat your heart out, I’ve cracked this case.