Steven Avery Has An ‘Airtight Alibi’, Apparently

Yup, we’re still obsessing about Making A Murderer. And no, we’re not about to apologise for it. 

Things have been getting seriously interesting for Steven Avery. 

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Kathleen Zellner has been hard at work building a case for her new client, and she has reportedly filed an appeal which is due to be heard in court.

She’s been keeping us ALL updated (as best she can, anyway) on Twitter. But this latest development is possibly the most explosive of them all. 

New claims say that Steven Avery has an alibi. And not just any old alibi either, an ‘airtight alibi’.




Apparently, new mobile phone records might work to prove that the subject of the Netflix documentary couldn’t have committed the murder of Teresa Halbach. 

Zellner says, ‘Cellphone tower records of SA & TH provide airtight alibi for him. She left property he didn’t. #MakingAMurderer #UnmakingAMurderer’.

According to BBC News, Kathleen says that the only details to be heard during the original trial were the incoming and outgoing phone calls, but now there’s much more detailed information available.

And so it continues…