Stephen Bear Opens Up About Chloe Khan Romance On Loose Women

The Celebrity Big Brother winner gets candid about his and Chloe's future...

Stephen Bear’s been pretty busy since being crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother on Friday.

The 26-year-old appeared on Loose Women earlier today, where he chatted about his blossoming romance with housemate Chloe Khan.

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chloe bear

Bear hooked up with Chloe in the CBB house

Chloe, 25, was waiting for Bear at the final. But despite the sweet gesture, does he think they’ll work out?

He told the panel: ‘What it is with Chloe… Nicest girl I’ve ever met in my whole life, and who knows what it might bring? I don’t want anyone else for now, but I’m going to take it nice and slow.

‘The last two girls I have been with cheated on me. It’s bang out of order. So I thought you know what, the next girl I am with I will treat them as well as I did them and hopefully it will work out.’

Chloe Khan greeted Bear when he left the house

Chloe Khan greeted Bear when he left the house

When panellist Martine McCutcheon asked what type of girl he’s after, he pointed to a tattoo on his arm and said: ‘I want someone like this. This tattoo means someone who has got my back. I want to build a great empire with the bird I am with.

‘I want to be happy and I want to provide for the next girlfriend I have.’

Stephen Bear on Loose Women

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Aside from relationship talk, Bear also confirmed that he was the lowest-paid housemate, earning £12,000 for his stint in the house.

Bur far from being bitter, he told the Loose Women: ‘I’m good now, I got a lot of money… I’ve had a blinder. The reason why I wanted to win so much is because I love winning.

stephen bear big brother

Bear has been one of the most controversial housemates of this series

‘I wanted to help my family out, it’s amazing.’

And when asked about the possibly of his fame lasting just 15 minutes, he said: ‘In them 15 minutes you make as much money with possible and then sink it into property. I’ve got the best business plan in the world.’

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