Has Stephen Bear Been Hiding Something From Us All?

Apparently, yes he has. But he can keep it hidden, thanks.

Stephen Bear is quite possibly the most controversial housemate of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother.

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Christopher Biggins has been removed from the house for ‘comments capable of causing great offence’, but Bear has also sparked widespread anger for his actions in the famous house – with many also calling for him to be kicked out.

Yup. It is all as dramatic as it sounds.

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But it looks like things could be about to reach a whole other level for Bear.

Before he entered the house, Stephen revealed to the Daily Star Sunday: ‘I’ll be interested to see what comes out because I live a crazy life.’

Um. You can say that again.

The Ex On The Beach star continued, ‘I’ve filmed quite a few sex tapes. In my early days I used to WhatsApp girls.

‘So there could be videos that surface.’


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Showing once again that he’s just not phased by anything, he said, ‘I think it’s all part of the fun. If people are interested in reading about it, why not?’

And Bear has experienced an, um, awkward leak before now.

Yup, the reality star’s naughty Skype call was unleashed on the internet whilst he was starring in the MTV show that made him famous.

He said of the memory: ‘I just rolled with it. They could have been better pictures.’

The CBB star finished, ‘It’s just another thing in Bear’s history.’

Oh blimey.