Wait. Did Stephen Bear Try To End Things With Lillie *Before* CBB?

Bear's love triangle has been one of the biggest bombshells of this year's CBB. But his family might have just revealed something that changes EVERYTHING...

Lillie Lexie Gregg won the sympathy of wronged girls across the country when she came face-to-face with her ‘cheating’ ex boyfriend Stephen Bear last week.

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In an emotional exchange, the Ex On The Beach star confronted the CBB housemate after watching him start a relationship with Chloe Khan.

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But now, Bear’s brother Danny has come forward to hint at the fact that the whole thing might have been planned by Lillie. Hmm.

Speaking to the Sun Online, Danny explained, ‘She’s incredibly fame hungry. Stephen tried to end their very short relationship after we all saw through her, but once his contract for the show came through she started pulling at his heart strings.

‘He might be an entertainer, but he’s also an incredibly caring, loving boy with a massive heart and fell for it and I really hope that he’s learnt a very valuable lesson from all of this.’


Stephen Bear Lillie Lexie Gregg

Stephen had vowed to stay faithful to his lady before entering the house, but soon became close with his fellow housemate Chloe Khan. After admitting that he didn’t see a future with Lillie (but, of course, he couldn’t tell her that to her face, what with being confined to the CBB house) he soon, errr, moved on with Chloe.

It was then that Lillie paid a visit to the house in order to gain ‘closure’.

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But Bear’s brother thinks there was more to it…

He told the publication: ‘The tears were fake and admittedly it was a very good performance which fortunately didn’t fool everyone.

‘Remember he met her on another reality show, she knows what she’s doing.


‘If she was as devastated as she says then she could have easily have had that conversation away from what is just another TV show.’

He continued, ‘It was a vicious, meticulously calculated plan to spitefully damage a young kids hopes and dreams for self-gain and to help flog her clothes.’



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Lillie doesn’t appear to have responded to the claims, but Rylan Clark-Neal did open up about her CBB appearance during This Morning on Friday.

He revealed that ‘we found it very very hard to even get her.’

Rylan added, ‘We wanted to get her in [the show] even earlier because we were going to do this task a little bit sooner, but she just said, “I can’t do it, I’m absolutely gutted.”’