Stephen Bear Just Announced His And Charlotte Crosby’s Split On Twitter

After a tumultuous week for Charlotte, this comes as a shock...

So it seems Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby have split… again.

Bear, 27, took to his Twitter page last night to tell fans: ‘Sadly me and Charlotte have split up . We have had a good run but we wasn’t right for eachother 😢 x [sic].’

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The sad (and shock) news comes after an incredibly tough few days for ex-Geordie Shore star Charlotte, 27.

She announced last week that she’d broken up with Bear, emotionally ranting on Snapchat: ‘So obviously I’m really gutted, and I love Stephen more than anything in the world but I just don’t think I’m what Stephen wants right now.

‘I can’t carry on trying to fight for a relationship where someone else isn’t really fighting as hard.

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby posted a teary rant on Snapchat last week

‘Maybe my reasons aren’t as validated as he thinks but I just don’t know why I get so upset about someone who doesn’t care.’

She then started to break down, adding: ‘I love Stephen so much but when someone is so selfish to always put themselves in front and not care about the little things that you ask them to do, that are so important to you, just makes you question whether they care at all.’

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But she backtracked the next day, admitting: ‘Me and Stephen aren’t actually separated or finished, we just had a little bit of a row.’

Then on Tuesday, Charlotte’s ex Gary Beadle announced that he’s expecting his first child with girlfriend Emma McVey.

She appeared on TV show Ireland AM later that day, where she discussed the emotional time she’s been going through.

Charlotte broke down on TV on Wednesday

‘Honestly I get so overwhelmed by all the support, it actually gets me a bit emotional,’ Char’s voice began to break. ‘I’ve gotten so many nice messages over the past couple of days.’

However, she then referenced Bear, adding: ‘We are better now, we went through a bit of a tough week last week, but we are so much better, thank God.’

So after the latest piece of shock news from Bear, we’re sending all our love to Charlotte.