Fans Think CBB Is A Fix After *This* Bear Footage Has Leaked

Could it be that Celebrity Big Brother has been censoring Stephen Bear's tantrums to sway the public vote?


We all know Stephen Bear has been pretty entertaining during this series of Celebrity Big Brother. But news that he’s now tipped to win is making some fans a little angry.

The reason being because there are rumours that that CBB has purposefully been censoring the star’s worst bits in an attempt to rig the votes in his favour.

Say whaaaat?

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The suspicion has kickstarted now that unseen CBB footage has emerged showing Bear smashing a window and being seriously aggressive in the Diary Room – in one clip, Stephen’s seen screaming at Big Brother: ‘Opening this f***ing door, opening this f***ing door NOW!’


This has led some viewers to think that the producers have been censoring his bad behaviour in order to keep the public on his side. Hmm.

And they’ve been vocalising their conspiracy theories on Twitter.

‘@bbuk just shows how fixed this programme is if @stephen_bear wins after what he did to Sams eye and,wasn’t disqualified and sent home! #fix’, one wrote.

‘@bbuk Why did you not show @stephen_bear hurting @samfoxcom’s eye? Fixed for Bear to win? Careful you don’t lose viewers! #fix’, slammed another.

The tweets came after evictee Sam Fox revealed that one of Bear’s pranks went dangerously wrong in the house, and left her worried she’d been blinded – but it wasn’t aired.

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‘I had to see the medic to get that (contact lens) out my eye. I thought I’d lost my eye. He really hurt my eye. I couldn’t open it for four hours. It was horrible’, she said.

And another fed up fan tweeted: ‘The fix was evident when they didn’t boot Aubrey out when she spat in a hm food + caught manipulating the vote #cbb.’

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