Stephen Bear Breaks His Silence On Being The Most Controversial CBB Winner

Bear has been crowned the champion of Celebrity Big Brother 2016. But he doesn't seem too happy with the reception he's received...

So, Stephen Bear only went and did it, didn’t he?

After being the most talked about Celebrity Big Brother contestant of this series, the Ex On The Beach star managed to climb his way to the top spot, leaving EastEnders’ Ricky Norwood in second place.

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'Celebrity Big Brother' TV show, Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, UK - 26 Aug 2016

Yup. Love him or hate him, Bear is your CBB winner.

And Emma Willis wasted no time in giving him a little bit of a grilling in his exit interview. When asked about his wind-up skills, he mainly put his run-ins with his fellow contestants down to, errr, eggs and pancakes.

'Celebrity Big Brother' TV show, Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, UK - 26 Aug 2016

Taking a spot on The Saturday Show, he reportedly told presenter Gaby Roslin that he’s not received the best reception since being crowned the champion of CBB.

He said, ‘Not one person has said to me, “Well done Stephen, you’ve done really well”, everyone keeps being really horrible to me, I don’t appreciate it – I don’t mind, it’s the rough with the smooth.’

The MTV star continued: ‘I just want someone to say, “You done really well”, because the whole nation has watched me and gone, “Do you know what, he’s actually alright”‘.

Oh dear.

'Celebrity Big Brother' TV show, Final, Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, UK - 26 Aug 2016

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The controversial housemate also opened up to the Daily Star: ‘I’ve won this whole competition and people still don’t want to like me. I think it’s pathetic. It seems to me that everyone doesn’t like me being the winner and I don’t know why. I should be celebrating, but people keep being horrible.’

But it’s not all bad. Just one glance at Stephen Bear’s Twitter account shows an influx of support from his fans – who, you know, voted for him.

He’s also offered a shout-out to the ‘cool crew’, naming who he was closest to in the house.

Congratulations, Bear.