CBB’s Stephen Bear Hits Back At Claims He Was Edited On The Show

Celebrity Big Brother winner Bear rejects claims that the show edited out his bad behaviour to help him win votes...

CBB’s Stephen Bear has decided to address those rumours that the show was rigged for him to win votes.

The Celebrity Big Brother star was crowned the winner last weekend, despite being nominated by his housemates several times and facing eviction a whopping five times.

But during his time on the show, many people accused CBB of editing the footage to make Bear appear more likeable – specifically after numerous unseen clips emerged showing Bear kicking off in the house, which were never aired.

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stephen bear

Stephen Bear won this year’s Celebrity Big Brother…

However, the 26-year-old has now hit back in defence of his Big Brother win, stating: ‘If you keep being funny and positive there’s only one way you can be edited.’

‘I believe everyone’s edited how they are so if you keep being funny and positive there’s only one way you can be edited’, he told Digital Spy. ‘It’s true.’

‘I’m the only person that showed genuine emotion and spoke up for what they believe in’, he said. ‘That’s why I’ve won.’

Stephen Bear

Chloe Khan’s lover also refuted claims he was a ‘bully’ to the other housemates, claiming he had a great time and just wanted to ‘have fun’.

‘All I did was have as much fun as possible,’ he said. ‘And if anyone thought I was horrible in the process I’m sorry, but I’ve had the time of my life in there.

‘I’m sorry if no-one had a good time’, Bear added. ‘Because I had the time of my life in there and all I could do in there was cheer everyone up, so if no-one did enjoy me cheering them up then sorry.’

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The reality star also admitted that actually, he hadn’t been able to enjoy his win very much.

‘I should be celebrating but instead people keep being horrible that I’ve won and I think I’m a nice person’, he said. ‘I think it should be celebrated.’