Stephanie Pratt Says Her Brother Spencer Is Usually ‘Very Sweet’

The Made In Chelsea star gives her two cents on Speidi's CBB journey...

Stephanie Pratt has opened up about her brother Spencer’s antics on Celebrity Big Brother.

The Made In Chelsea star insists that Spencer’s ‘villain’ persona is all an act, and that he’s usually a ‘very sweet’ guy.

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spencer pratt

She tells The Sun: ‘I know him, this is who he is. He’s very sweet, he gets on with everyone.

‘He’s always paid to be the villain. It’s really weird. I’m like, come on do something stir it up.’

Spencer entered the house with his wife Heidi Montag earlier this month, four years after they came runners-up to Rylan Clark-Neal in 2013.

Spencer Pratt entered the house with his wife Heidi Montag

Since then, he’s been winding up housemates with his determination to win – and had a vicious argument with Austin Armacost about, er, water.

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Steph, 30, made an appearance herself in 2014, lasting 19 days before being evicted.

Emma Willis and Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt appeared on CBB in 2014

Will she return for a round of brother vs sister? Well, she says: ‘I would love to go back in for, like, two hours. He would just get so annoyed.

‘I’m obsessed with him. I think he is the funniest human being in the entire world. I love him to death.’

We’ve got our fingers crossed…

But there’s one person she wouldn’t be too keen to be locked up with – Austin.

austin armacost

Stephanie Pratt isn’t a huge fan of Austin Armacost…

Marc Jacobs’ ex has made his dislike of Speidi pretty clear, which Stephanie thinks is totally uncalled for.

She says: ‘Who goes into a house going: “I hate these people?” You haven’t even met them. He’s just sheep, he’s like: “Everyone hates Speidi… let me just get on that bandwagon.”

‘I didn’t even know he was American. Who is he? He’s famous for being dumped by Marc Jacobs.’

Oosh. Seems she’s definitely got her bro’s back, eh?