Stephanie Pratt Reveals Something Worrying About Her Health

It’s fair to say in terms of drama, Stephanie Pratt has had a lot going on recently.

The Made in Chelsea star fell out in a big way with former best friend and co-star Lucy Watson during this year’s series – and it’s a BFF split that’s been well documented on the show.

Now, speaking to the Mail Online, Steph’s admitted that ‘it’s been a really bad four months’, and added that she has turned to mediation and yoga to get calm and grateful.

Yep. Because as we know, friendship break-ups can be STRESSFUL.

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The Made in Chelsea lady also opened up about her diet, revealing that she packs it with protein and drinks plenty of water. Though she does allow herself some treats in the form of cookies and brownies…


(We need to take notes, as there is no denying Steph looks FAB.)

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During the interview however, the former The Hills star revealed something quite worrying about her health.

On the topic of family ailments, Stephanie revealed that her nana just died of breast cancer, and as a result, she will probably have the BRCA1 test for breast and ovarian cancer next time she’s home.

‘I just feel like it’s something you just do if a member of your family has died of breast cancer.

‘I haven’t planned what I’ll do if I do have the gene.’

Well done Steph for being responsible and safe.

We hope all is well for you, lovely lady.


By Megan Wiseman