What’s Going On Between Lucy Watson & Stephanie Pratt?

Lucy Watson and Stephanie Pratt’s feud has been dominating this series of Made In Chelsea.

Last night, the former Hills star didn’t spend that much time on-screen, following last week’s drama-filled Maldives trip. But that doesn’t mean that her bust up with her former BFF has calmed down.

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Lucy Watson has just shed some more light on the state of her friendship with Steph – and it definitely doesn’t look like a reconciliation is on the cards.

In fact, the sassy SW3 resident explained that she wasn’t surprised by Stephanie’s ‘betrayal’. Yikes.

Speaking to OK!, Lucy hit out, ‘We don’t talk anymore. Last year was a very difficult year for me because she essentially dumped me for her boyfriend at the time [Josh Shepherd] as he didn’t like me.

‘When something like that happens you don’t forget.’

>Lucy called time on their friendship when Stephanie started talking to other people about her relationship with James Dunmore

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That’s probably something that a lot of girls have experienced, and it sure doesn’t feel good.

She explained, ‘I wasn’t shocked when she betrayed me again; I should have seen it coming’.



Lucy has been experiencing quite a bit of hate on social media, but she’s defended herself: ‘It’s very easy to make me out to be the villain because I don’t think before I speak. I know I can have a vicious tongue at times people shouldn’t jump to conclusions before they know the whole story…’

We’re really sad to hear that these two still aren’t on the road to patching things up.

But we’ll be keeping our fingers firmly crossed, just in case.