Steph Davis Pleas For Fans Help After Caben Albi Falls Ill

We hope he gets better soon, Steph!

Poor Stephanie Davis has had to take to her Instagram stories and ask fellow mums for help, after little Caben Albi has suffered a series of nose bleeds.

‘Do any mummy’s with one year olds have nose bleeds?’ She asked her Instagram following.

‘Caben’s been having a few and worried, going to take him the doctors tomorrow,’ Steph went on to explain.

‘Any one who’s dealt with this let me know,’

‘No he’s not had a cold, he’s had one in bed in the middle of the night which was horrible to turn the light on to, one in the car today and one just now in the swimming baths.’

It sounds as though Steph’s fans answered the stars pleas for help, as she later wrote ‘Received hundreds of messages tonight. Thank you all so much for your love and support.’

We hope that the doctor can help sort one-year-old Caben Albi out once and for all.

It’s also likely that Steph has turned to her rumoured boyfriend and DJ Jacob Gill during these stressful times.

‘He’s really keen on her and has literally not been back in Sidcup. He’s up there all the time,’ one source told The Sun.

‘Since meeting Steph he’s dropped everyone and is all over her.’