Someone Has Leaked What Starbucks’ New Holiday Cups Will Look Like

You know Christmas is just around the corner when mentions of Starbucks’ holiday cups hit the internet. The Pumpkin Spice hype settles, the scarves come out and the countdown to Christmas begins!

We’re not sure if this is an official date but rumour has it that the red holiday cups from Starbucks will start facilitating our drinks on November 10th.

In an interesting turn of events, one Reddit user has shared a photo of the totally redesigned red holiday cups that we’ve grown to love. This is technically a leak so we suppose it’s something to get excited by!


Last saw unnecessary controversy when Starbucks reverted back to a solid red design ditching the Christmas patterns for a sleeker and bolder look.

Reddit user DasUberSquid, presumably a Starbucks employee, disobeyed the “No Peeking until November 10th” labels and took a photo of the updated and delicately printed cups.

Check out the design below!

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As you can see, the tasteful patterns have returned. Hopefully this will relax the witch-hunt from anti-PC keyboard warriors that saw last year’s adoption of a less Christ0centric as a front to all that is Christmas.

Imagine living in a world so small that the notion of redesigning a Starbucks holiday cup to be more inclusive upsets you? Imagine it.

Anyway, people seem to be digging this design for the most part. That was until a few people looked at the redesign from a different angle..

Uh oh. Hopefully you’re one of the few that can still see wispy branches, holly and Winter birds rather than the veins of raw meat.

Either way, the Starbucks subreddit is ablaze with excitement. It’s a weird community but you can’t knock their enthusiasm. That said, one other Starbucks worker revealed:

“What else was in the box? We were told in our Christmas meeting that there’s a surprise in the box with the cups?”

We’ll keep you posted. Merry Beginning Of The Holiday Season!