CBB’s Stacy Francis Has Received A Warning For THAT Controversial ‘Gay’ Comment

The American Idol star ruffled feathers when she referred to fellow housemate Austin Armacost as a 'gay boy'...

One of the Celebrity Big Brother contestants has been issued a warning for one of their controversial comments just two days into the show.

Last night, Stacy Francis shocked viewers when she referred to fellow housemate Austin Armacost as a ‘gay boy’.

The housemates were discussing sleeping arrangements for that evening, with Stacy, Coleen Nolan and James Jordan all weighing up the options.

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stacy francis

Stacy Francis has been warned by Big Brother over her language from last night…

But when it was announced that Ray J was planning on sharing a bed with Austin, who happens to be gay, Stacy replied by asking: ‘He would sleep with the gay boy!? Isn’t Austin gay?’.

With James and Coleen looking visibly shocked, Jordan then replied by stating: ‘I’m straight… He’s gay. That wouldn’t bother me.’

Clearly trying to back-pedal, Stacy followed up by claiming she was joking. ‘I know! I’m being sarcastic. Everyone’s so serious!’ she said.

However, viewers soon flocked to Twitter to slam the American Idol singer for her comment, with one writing: ‘The fact that Stacy called Austin ‘the gay boy’ actually made me feel a bit sick inside to be honest. How disgusting. 😒😒😒 #CBBUK #CBB’.

‘Stacey will probably get a warning for saying “gay boy” #cbb’, said another.

‘Stacy coming across a tad homophobic and back tracking when realising the rest of them aren’t #CBB’, a third tweeted.

And since the show aired, CBB bosses have officially given Stacy a warning, reports the Mail Online.

‘As part of standard procedures, Big Brother often reminds housemates that language in the house can raise concerns and this was discussed with Stacy’, the show’s bosses told the site.

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