Did You Spot Chloe Khan’s Awkward Moment On CBB?

The internet thinks it has discovered a 'wardrobe malfunction' that happened to Chloe Khan in the diary room...

So last night got a little bit dramatic on Celebrity Big Brother, didn’t it?

Poor Chloe Khan found herself to be the subject of an argument between Stephen Bear and Heavy D, after kissing Bear as part of a dare.

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Taking to the diary room following her first smooch with the Ex On The Beach star, the former X Factor contestant confessed that he wasn’t her usual type.

Bear and Khloe locked lips in the CBB house last night...

Bear and Khloe locked lips in the CBB house last night…

But, a few people on the internet seem to have spotted that Chloe’s dress had, err, fallen down a little bit during her chat with Big Brother.

According to OK!, a number of people tweeted about the moment.

A YouTube clip of the star has also surfaced, with the title: ‘Chloe Khan suffers a wardrobe malfunction after kissing Stephen Bear on CBB’.

Poor lamb. Who hasn’t had a bit of a dramz with their outfit before now? Exactly.

Chloe Mafia has had *quite* the transformation...

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And this comes just a few days after Chloe claimed that Heavy D was upsetting her, telling Aubrey that ‘Everything he is saying is vulgar and disgusting.’

As part of a task, Heavy D got her to clean his underpants. Hmm.

Social media branded his behaviour as ‘victimising’ and ‘creepy’.

To be honest, we’re feeling a little sorry for Chlo’ right now. And we think she’s coming across really well.

After last night’s CBB antics, we hope that things get a little better for her soon.