Spencer Pratt Goes On An Epic Twitter Rant About The Hills Reunion

The former Hills star has thrown some major shade at MTV and at Lauren Conrad...

Spencer Pratt doesn’t shy away from saying what he really thinks.

He might have been M.I.A from this week’s The Hills reunion show, but that sure didn’t mean that he was at a loss for things to say on the subject.

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The MTV reality star went on a big ‘ol Twitter rant during the show’s airing. Yup, he gave Kanye West a run for his money in the social media stakes.

He wasted no time in letting his followers know that, as well as not taking part in filming, he would not be tuning in either.

Why? Well, Spence believed that he had much more important things to be getting on with. Like, you know, watching paint dry…

It seems as though Spencer Pratt is still loving his crystals, as he claimed that the bosses at MTV were ‘scared’ to have him at the reunion show…

Oh dear.

He also shared some thoughts about how the show should have gone down…

Spencer was throwing quite a bit of shade at both MTV and his former rival Lauren Conrad.

He retweeted a number of fan comments about her, and also posted a series of (even more) cryptic tweets.

Oh dear.

But does he regret the show that made him famous? Oh hell no:

Aw. Well that bit is pretty cute, right?