Spencer Pratt Makes A Shocking Claim About Kim Kardashian

The Hills’ former villain Spencer Pratt has made the shocking claim that Kris Jenner, the powerhouse behind the success of the Kardashian family businesses, once came to him and asked for help managing Kim Kardashian. 

And it doesn’t stop there. 

According to Mr. Pratt, Kim Kardashian actually appeared in The Hills, but was edited out of the final television series. 

The bad-guy-you-loved-to-hate made these revelations in an interview with Complex magazine, explaining: ‘She used to call Heidi to organize Heidi’s closet… Kim was edited out of The Hills episodes organizing Heidi’s closet.’


It’s no secret that Kim used to work as a PA and stylist to Paris Hilton, who was later part of a different show, The Simple Life. The pair were BFFs long before reality TV came a’knocking. Having both grown up with wealthy families in the spotlight, they clearly had a lot in common. 

It’s hard to picture Kim Kardashian, who’s become a worldwide name and is possibly the world’s most famous reality TV star and internet sensation, struggling to make it as a celebrity. 

But, according to Spencer, that’s exactly how it went. 

Spencer claims that Kris Jenner was really excited at the idea of her daughter becoming a star, and that she asked him to manage her, a claim that a representative for Kim has flatly denied.


Speaking with Complex, Spencer said: ‘She can deny it if she wants, but she comes up to me and is like, “Spencer, I want you to manage Kim.”‘

Spencer says he started ‘laughing’ and turned the offer down. Ouch.

Of course we know that Kris Jenner took on the role of momager and it’s difficult to think that anyone else would have had greater successes. 

How different things could have been, eh?