Did Spencer Pratt Just Give Away His Celebrity Big Brother Game Plan?

The Hills star has revealed who he thinks his biggest 'threat' in the house is. And what he's been 'plotting' for the last four years...

Oh, Spencer Pratt.

With the news that the former The Hills star was making a comeback for the All Stars vs New Stars series of Celebrity Big Brother, we knew that he wouldn’t forget to bring a well-polished game plan along with him.

One half of Speidi (completed by his wife Heidi Montag), the 33-year-old has been opening up to Big Brother about his plans for this series.

Sitting in the comic book-themed Diary Room, he said, ‘I think Calum’s mum is a major threat, so, I think… Yeah, I think she’s gnarly.

‘I think Calum’s mum is more of a threat than Calum.’


Angie Best

But when BB asked Spence if he thought he’d met his match in Angie, he replied defiantly: ‘No, no, no. Nobody in here is even…

‘I’ve had four years plotting, if I ever got back in the House, so… I’m on another level of game playing here.’

He added: ‘I think everyone in the other House is underestimating her. But, no, I have not met my match.’

‘The only person on my level in here is Big Brother. We’re on the same side. We just want a great show, a game show.’

He’s certainly been taking the game seriously since entering the house, making it his mission to wind up Stacy Francis. The former American X Factor contestant was ‘edited out’ within the first few moments, after being elected by the All Star housemates.

Stacy spent a large part of her first night banished to the garden, before being given an indoor chair away from the rest of the contestants.


Welcome back, Speidi.